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Chiropractor Aaron Hicks D.C.

Chiropractor Mesa AZ Arron Hicks

Dr. Hicks is the lead chiropractic physician at AZ Spine. Dr. Hicks graduated in 2012 and is equipped with some of the most cutting-edge Chiropractic research and techniques. Experiencing this integrated type of health care is what has helped Dr. Hicks develop a unique type of health approach. He believes doctors can work better together and patients will receive the best possible health care, which is of course what matters most.

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Dr. Hicks is a chiropractor who is committed to empowering his patients with education and equipping them with tools to achieve a healthier, optimal lifestyle. His approach is a very precise, yet gentle technique, which allows him to see patients with all types of conditions and of all ages from newborn to the elderly. Dr. Hicks has extensive experience in helping those suffering from auto accident injuries.

Dr. Hicks grew up locally in Chandler, Arizona. He was involved with sports all his life and is an avid golfer. The experiences of injuries during training are what inspired him to be a chiropractor. He believes that having a mind and body that is performing optimally is the key to any success. Dr. Hicks is an Alumni of Arizona State University and Life Chiropractic College West. Dr. Hicks is a Cum Laude graduate which shows how much dedication he has to learning about health. Dr. Hicks is a compassionate individual who wants to improve the health of his community. As a young man he was blessed with great parents, role models and coaches who helped him on his path. His passion is to give back to the youth in the Greater Phoenix Valley.

Dr. Hicks lives in Gilbert; he is a very proud Husband and Father. He has 2 little girls and enjoys most of his time soaking it up with his family. One of his favorite things to do is turn on some music and dance around with his little ones. He loves sports, competition and enjoys exercising.

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